Thursday, September 21, 2017

Good afternoon Parents/Guardians:

An update on the Elementary PE classes thus far. A strong focus has been on cooperative games which develops teamwork and partnership. Fair play, encouragement, teamwork, sportsmanship, resolving conflict have all been frequent discussions in class each day! It is a work in progress but the students are learning and improving each day!

Rules to the gym where designed cooperatively with each class. We narrowed them down to four simple rules each student can recite with confidence.
1) Red means stop (test your child and ask them to explain why)
2) Fair Play
3) 3 Whistles = Stop, Look, Listen
4) Have Fun!

Having such beautiful September weather we have done our best to get outside as much as possible. Students have tested the sports court, jungle gym, and turf field. Hopefully this good weather lasts!

Students testing out the sports court and jungle gym!  

 Students playing cooperative games to build excellent teamwork skills!

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